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Peach Roses
Flower Shadow

About the Product

MWR uses an anti-yellowing, clear resin that is heat resistant up to 203 degrees. Resin is poured layer by layer to maximize clarity. The resin dries and hardens as a chemical reaction and become hot when drying. As a special note - thin or white flowers may become more transparent than before. Only dried flowers can be safely used in resin. 

MWR offers drying and pressing services. Pressing may be required to depending on the project (most commonly coasters, bookmarks, and trays). 

How to start a project:

We know the piece you choose to have created is special to you. It helps capture and hold onto a moment worth remembering. Every preservation project is unique. To get started, browse our inspiration page and fill out our project interest form. We'll reach out, discuss your ideas and come up with a plan to help you turn your memories into art. 



The average turn around time for each project is six to eight weeks, but will very based on the type and sizes of the pieces being created. An example time line is provided below:

  • Flower Drying: 2 weeks 

    • During this time your piece is planned, designed, and prepped. ​

  • Resin Pouring and Design: 2-3 Weeks​

  • Curing and Finishing: 2 Weeks 

  • Shipping or local delivery available once project is completed

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